Back-in Spot

Starting at $65/Day

You come to The Fitz for the Views. Sunsets and Slowdowns. The Fitz is special because it is off the beaten path. You won’t be bothered by loud highways and the hustle and bustle. It is pure hill country.

Our overlook observation deck offers views of the hill country and sunset that are truly special and worth the price of admission. Our proximity to state parks, breweries, wineries, and wedding venues puts us in the hot spot of what makes Dripping Springs, Dripping Springs.

We are a high end RV destination and we want you to come in, set up, then drink a beer, slowdown, and take in the sunset.  Our mission is Sunsets and Slowdowns

We just started our RV Resort but our plan is to create a highly sought-after destination and reset the standard for luxury RV’ing.

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